David O’Brien established O'Brien Auto Performance in 1998, but he has been involved in the auto repair industry for most of his life. After working in dealerships and a variety of independent auto repair shops, David was fixing vehicles at a small service station when he realized the owner did not know anything about the European cars that he specialized in. So, David approached him about renting the space, and before he could get the words out of his mouth, the owner agreed, and David became an auto repair shop owner.

Growing with Tulsa

O'Brien Auto Performance started out working primarily on Mercedes-Benz vehicles, but David watched the vehicle trends in Tulsa and quickly added the Land Rover family of vehicles to those he serviced. The shop quickly became a favorite of drivers and auto industry people alike, based on attention to detail and quality of service. One example is a customer who called Tulsa auto parts shops looking for a Land Rover repair center, and nine out of 10 recommended O’Brien Auto Performance.

“As an auto shop owner, mechanic, and European car lover, I look forward to helping you and your vehicle enjoy a long and fruitful relationship together.”- David O’Brien, Owner

David O'Brien - Owner of O'Brien Auto Performance


As the years have passed, O’Brien Auto Performance has flourished in an industry of questionable work based on our concreted effort to be honest, ethical, and highly capable. We perform auto repairs and services the right way, in that we don’t cut corners, and we don’t practice trial-and-error mechanics. We’ve even received vehicles from other auto service shops that have been unable to properly repair a vehicle. Indeed, we are very proud of the niche we fill in Tulsa and look forward to many more years of service.