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David O’Brien is the proprietor of the shop and has been involved in the auto service industry most of his natural life.  After working in a variety of shops and years of education, he saw a need for a shop to provide service to Mercedes Benz Vehicles that was not being met.  Thus O’Brien Auto Performance was born.


In subsequent years, David watched the vehicle trends in Tulsa and quickly added the Land Rover Family of vehicles to those he serviced.  David quickly became a favorite of consumers and industry people alike for his attention to detail and quality of service.  One such instance was a customer who called auto parts shops looking for a Land Rover Repair center and 9 out of 10 recommended O’Brien Auto Performance.


As the years have passed, O'Brien Auto Performance has flourished in an industry of questionable work thanks to their concerted effort to do the right thing.  It may not always be cheap…but it is always done right.  O’Brien has been known to receive vehicles from other service shops who are unable to properly repair a vehicle.  Of course, no one talks about this situation…but it’s nice to know whom the pros turn to when they need help.


Everyone looks forward to helping you and your vehicle enjoy a long and fruitful relationship together. Stop looking at this website and give them a call; your vehicle will be glad you did.

Say "HELLO" to the O'Brien Auto Performance Team of Technicians

  • David

    What does a Kilt, tools, a jovial personality and a veritable cornucopia of automotive repair knowledge all have in common?  They all belong to David O’Brien, owner of O’Brien Auto Performance located in The Pearl District.


    David started disassembling everything mechanical as a lad and that passion led to his opening of O’Brien Auto Performance in the spring of 1998. As a graduate of OSU Tech in Applied Sciences of Automotive Technology, David has been working in automotive his entire professional career.  He spent 12 years working in dealerships and independent shops dedicated to European Vehicles.  To say he has a clear understanding of the internal combustion engine and all things automotive would be a misnomer.


    David firmly believes in the work he does everyday and since opening the doors in 1998 has amassed a talented group of people who share his belief.  Some would say David was dumb to build a shop dedicated to European and Exotic Vehicles but that is part of what makes David so smart.

  • James

    James started in an Import car dealership working in the Parts Department throughout the 1980’s and in multiple Dealerships. In the early 1990’s he left the Dealership to work with an independent shop. After 20 years, James left that shop and has joined the team at O’Brien Auto Performance. He brings his passion for European cars, organizational skill, and his care and concern for the customers. He knows why people buy European vehicles and wants them to be happy with their choice for as long as they wish. He also enjoys answering question and educating our customers about their vehicle. He believes the more you know and understand about your vehicle, the easier it is for us to service and maintain your vehicle. Your vehicle is not just a machine, but your partner in providing for your Family, plus an instrument of enjoyment. “I enjoy helping people keep their cars in top condition, when they get in and enjoy driving, wither it is to work, home or just a getaway on a nice weekend day, it reminds them of why they wanted that car in the first place.”

  • Ryan

    Ryan worked at S.B.S. Industries 1995-2003, Star Machine 2003-2006 and O’Brien Auto Performance 2006-present. He has 22 years experience working on automotive and industrial equipment.  Ryan has been involved with the Machining and Fastener Industry during that time as well. He has a mad appetite and never wears shorts at work even in the hottest conditions in the shop.

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